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May 15, 2020

I’ve continued to be inspired by the infamous important videos playlist on YouTube. For a few years I’ve been curating my own collection of videos I deem to very important.

I’m terrified to introduce to you the videos in my own important videos playlist.

Here we go.

Pop culture essays

Video essays. Mini docs. Opinion videos. Whatever we want to call these things, this is totally my shit.
Really focused videos about stuff that I love. I remember when I first watched all the videos for Everything’s a Remix and being totally impressed.

Jackie Chan - How to Do Action Comedy

Every frame a painting came afterwards and I don’t know why, it just resonated with me more.

Makes me laugh 😂

These videos always make me laugh.

Larry David Becomes Kevin Roberts - SNL

It’s extremely difficult for me to feel bad after watching Larry David break into laughter over and over again. Essential sad day remedy.

Watch Ryan Gosling Lose It Over Greg Davies’ Drunk Tale - The Graham Norton Show

Probably the best talk show on TV; put all them famous people together, give them some drinks and just put it all on TV. Awesome.

Weird + Mesmerizing AF

Videos I have wanted to share with you but there’s literally never an appropriate time or context to do so.


I mean come on:

  • Toronto 🇨🇦
  • The dancing is fire
  • Wholesome story of two brothers just being proud of each other with very similar dads
  • Weird AF

Get tf out of my way type way

This video says, “Hey, believe in yourself.”

Honorable mention: this Jesus version of the same video on Twitter.

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