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Using Git to Squash Commits with Confidence

11 January 2019

Let's say you've been happily using git merge your whole career and you join a new team and all of a sudden everyone's saying you gotta rebase and squash your commits. Don't panic! Here are some tips that I've learned to get more comfortable squashing and rebasing in git.

Setting up a Node.js Environment on Windows without the Linux Subsystem is not bad at all

08 January 2019

I failed a lot trying to use WSL to replicate the dev environment I use on my Mac. Then something weird happened: I ditched the fancy subsystem and now I'm happily doing dev things on my PC.

How to Generate Blog Posts in Gatsby using Hygen

04 January 2019

Photo by Hannes Wolf on Unsplash What is Hygen? Hygen is this awesome code generator that creates files for you from your command lineā€¦

Using Prettier with a Pre-commit Hook

27 December 2018

How to integrate Prettier into your existing dev workflow for you and your team and understand all the pieces that make it work.

How I Start Every Project

25 December 2018

A quick guide to starting new frontend projects

Parcel for your Sass

18 December 2018

...and all your other frontend needs!

Hot Reloading with create-react-app without ejecting

26 February 2018

...and without react-app-rewired

Watch & Compile your Sass with NPM

17 July 2015

Using node-sass for all your Sass things